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Pneumatics are an important component of automated manufacturing systems. Even here, our solenoids, solenoid valves and pressure sensors form the interface to the controls, which enable the complex control of such systems.

Customised solutions can enable the use of space-saving solenoid valves, which are installed on circuit boards, for example.

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ETO solenoids and sensors for automation technology

Smart Factory is routine for us. Today, the ETO GRUPPE already produces actuators and sensors that automate machines and intelligently connect them to one another. This means that even complex productions can be automated smoothly and contribute to the economic success of our customers.

As well as ETO actuators, which ensure a smooth automated production process, we also manufacture the corresponding sensors, which provide data to check the status of a machine in real time.

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ETO actuators and solenoids for energy technology

Electrical devices determine every area of our lives. Be it at home, on the go or at work: The functioning of technology is crucial and is becoming increasingly important. This goes together with assuring the energy supply. Without electricity, both the economy and our private lives would come to an almost complete standstill.

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ETO solenoids for large diesel engines

In the field of diesel engines, reduced consumption and emissions play a central role for our customers. With increasing demands on the efficiency of engines, the reduction in burdens on the environment and increasingly new legislations, engine manufacturers need innovative and versatile partners who provide them with the best solenoids on their way to the top.

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ETO solenoid valves and pressure sensors for rail technology

Our technical competence and experience enables us to produce products that offer reliability and, most importantly, durability for rail vehicles, which lead the way to safe, energy-efficient and efficient use.

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ETO solenoid valves and pressure sensors for medical technology

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In medical technology, precision and reliability count more than in any other area of our human lives. Every component of a medical appliance must function without any problems at all times and interact smoothly with all other components. We are aware of this responsibility and work daily on improving our solenoids and sensors for the benefit of patients.

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ETO solenoids and sensors for mobile hydraulics

In mobile hydraulics, the machines are exposed to particularly tough conditions: For example, moisture, heat, cold or soil conditions must not affect the functionality of the machines and thus of the ETO solenoids as well. These factors are already taken into account in our product development and production.

The process results in products such as linear solenoids in round NG4, NG6 and NG10 designs, which fulfil the highest protection classes and have a particularly high vibration resistance. This means we contribute significantly to the long service life of the machines and save high investment costs for our customers.

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ETO solenoids and sensors for stationary hydraulics

Based on our unique kit for switching and proportional solenoids, every customer can configure the best solution for their applications from a number of different voltages and connectors. Our focus products include CETOP-2, CETOP-3 and CETOP-5-stroke solenoids and square solenoids in stationary hydraulics, which are used in injection moulding and packaging machines, for example.

As well as this, we also develop individual solutions that meet specific customer requirements. Individual components such as pressure pipes and coils can be selected flexibly and we coordinate them so that they are perfectly matched.

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ETO products for engine and exhaust gas systems

A central issue of the commercial vehicle industry is increasing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the vehicles whilst at the same time enhancing their environmental friendliness. That’s why the ETO GRUPPE has specialised in developing and manufacturing products that lead to a significant reduction in fuel and emissions in combustion engines. ETO products thus make a significant contribution to meeting the legal provisions of today and tomorrow.

Our products include actuators for a variable valve train (valve stroke and variable valve timing), control valves in the engine oil and cooling circuit, injector solenoids as well as valves for various fuels, controls for fan clutches and valves for exhaust gas treatment.

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ETO proportional valves in power steering pumps

In hydraulic power steering pumps, 2/2 proportional valves by ETO ensure appropriate regulation of high pressure, depending on the driving situation. For example, when driving straight ahead, the valve opens the bypass 100%, upon which the pump supplies oil back into the tank.

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