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Azubis in der lehrwerkstatt 2020

At ETO, we place great emphasis on training committed and independent young people, thus creating a basis for a strong team within the ETO GRUPPE early on.

Currently, ETO MAGNETIC has around 80 trainees in the six industrial-technical and two commercial training positions, as well as in the six dual vocational training and degree programmes.

Trainees will develop their knowledge at ETO MAGNETIC in the new training workshop and the various departments. Even down to the equipment, ETO MAGNETIC focuses on its trademark when training: innovation. As well as a training room, where the theoretical basics are taught, trainees also have access to an electro-pneumatic and hydraulics lab for professional training in individual focus areas. Those training as mechatronics engineers develop their expertise in an electrical lab. As well as conventional machines, our plant also offers fully automated CNC milling machines and lathes, where trainees in metal professions can develop their knowledge and apply it to practical situations. During their training, our prospective industrial clerks can gain experience at one of our international locations during a stay abroad lasting several weeks.

ETO DYNAMIC in Friedrichshafen trains electronics engineer for devices and systems and can also draw on years of experience.

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ETO offers you in Stockach the following training positions:


Industrial-technical training

Mechatronics Engineer (m/f)
Electronics Engineer for Devices and Systems (m/f)
Cutting Machine Operator (m/f)
Industrial Mechanic (m/f)
Technical Product Designer (m/f)
Computer Science Expert System Integration (m/f)

Commercial training

Industrial Clerk with Additional Qualification (m/f)
Qualified Warehouse Logistics Professional (m/f)


ETO offers you in Friedrichshafen the following training positions:


Industrial-technical training

Electronics Engineer for Devices and Systems (m/f)