ETO stand-alone valves and sensors

3/2 stand-alone valves and stand-alone speed and pressure sensors are used in every medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle, as well as in virtually all semitrailers and trailers. Thanks to a high level of flexibility, ETO products can be used for a variety of applications.

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3/2 solenoid valves, for example, are available with and without silencers and are used within the main systems of braking, compressed air, air suspension, gears, van drive, door openers and door closers and auxiliary drives, among other areas. They release or close pneumatic lines as needed.

ETO speed sensors permanently record the wheel speed of the vehicle and supply this information to the braking systems. This enables regulated braking in every driving situation. ETO speed sensors are also used in gearboxes. They record the speeds of the countershafts and main shafts and thus control optimum switching of the automatic gears.

The ETO stand-alone pressure sensors measure pneumatic and hydraulic system pressures and supply this information to the relevant vehicle components. The various functions of the vehicle can then be controlled using solenoid valves.

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