ETO solenoid valves in water pumps

A switchable water pump is part of the thermal management and serves to increase the efficiency of a combustion engine. The power consumption of the pump is decreased, which leads to quicker heating of the engine and engine oil, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

The ETO GRUPPE develops and manufactures customised switching valve solenoids for controlling and regulating these switchable water or coolant pumps in the cooling circuit.

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The 2/2 switching valve solenoids are generally normally-open and can be used as a control valve. The solenoid can be optionally supplemented with an integrated pressure limit.

The ETO solenoid valve is characterised by a low leakage rate and easy assembly with an integrated nozzle – the ideal solution when things become tight in the engine compartment.

Depending on the customer requirement, the solenoid valves can be designed with a cable outlet or a moulded connector.