2/2 solenoid valves for water pumps

2/2 solenoid valves for water pumps


· Solenoid valve for controlling an adjustable or switchable water pump


Customer benefit

· CO2 reduction

· Faster heating of engine and engine oil

· Reduced power consumption of the pump



    · Low leakage

    · Cable outlet or moulded connector can be designed according to customer’s individual needs


Technical data


2/2 solenoid valves
Pressure drop/flow   < 0.5 bar at 300 ml/min
Static opening pressure  > 3 bar
Resistance  29 ohms
Nominal voltage  12 V DC
Ambient temperature  -40°C – 135°C
Max. medium temperature  120°C
Protection class  IP6K9K
Control  PWM (adjustable)