We control movement

For 75 years, the ETO GRUPPE has been setting standards worldwide for valves, actuators, sensors and modules for a variety of systems and vehicles. Be it cars, lorries or trains, medical appliances, manufacturing machines or energy technology: We make sure that they drive, produce, dose, fill, print, measure or pack precisely, reliably and efficiently. With innovative and sustainable solutions, we create crucial benefits for our customers and the environment. The focus here is on economy, efficiency, safety and comfort – but also on products that preserve resources and use the environment sustainably.

Our main products include:

· Actuators, which convert external control information into mechanical control processes

· Solenoid valves, which control the flow of gases and liquids in hydraulic and pneumatic systems

· Sensors, which measure pressure, speed and positions, and forward all relevant information to controls and controllers

We combine these components in system modules – custom-fitted and coordinated with precision. This means that, as well as individual solutions, we are able to offer complex, integrated solutions from a single source.

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