MAGNETOSHAPE® wireless gripper

MAGNETOSHAPE® wireless gripper


· High-speed handling and pick-and-place applications



    · Ultralight wireless gripper

    · No electrical and pneumatic connection to moving parts

    · Stationary electromagnetic or permanent-magnetic actuation

    · Adaptable in stroke and force

    · Can be easily adapted to various application requirements


Technical data

MAGNETOSHAPE® wireless gripper (technology demonstrator)
Stroke per gripper finger  ~1 mm
Gripping force  14 N
Gripper weight  7 g
Maximum workpiece weight  Approx. 10 g (dependent on gripper finger and workpiece surface)
Opening and closing time  < 10 ms
MAGNETOSHAPE® element size  2 × 3 × 15 mm

The specifications listed above apply exclusively to the technology demonstrator. The technical concept can be easily scaled and adapted to the customer.