Our strengths


We are foundation-owned

The ETO GRUPPE is financially strong and independent. Our founders laid the cornerstone for this with their foundation: The Christa und Hermann Laur-Stiftung is and always will be the owner of the ETO GRUPPE.
This guarantees that the company group will always remain independent.
The ETO GRUPPE offers its partners, customers and employees unique reliability and sustainable security.


We are the benchmark

Today, there is no way of avoiding our products when it comes to commercial vehicles: By far the majority of actuators and sensors installed in trucks are ETO-made. Our products are in virtually every vehicle produced by the most prominent truck manufacturers. The quality, reliability, stability, precision and security of our solutions set the cross-industry standard on an international level.



We shape the future

Our many patents represent our own intensive research and development. Thanks to this, we’re always one step ahead: we strive for even better products, lower weight, smaller installation spaces, less energy consumption, more sustainable material, longer service life and even newer solutions. High investment in our own research and development guarantees the tremendous innovative strength of ETO GRUPPE.



We don’t recreate

Our promise: We offer more quality, reliability, stability, security, economy, comfort and efficiency. As a basic rule, we want to keep being better, more innovative, faster and more efficient. This claim can only be fulfilled if nothing is copied; instead, everything is developed and manufactured in-house from the get-go, for every customer and every requirement.



We take responsibility

The social commitment of all companies in the ETO GRUPPE is specified clearly as one of the
most important objectives in the mission statement of our owner, the Christa und Hermann Laur-Stiftung. This active corporate responsibility to our workforce leads in turn to extraordinary motivation from every single employee and thus contributes to our success.