Mission and values


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Our mission

We excite customers with innovative actuators, sensors, electronics and software solutions. In top quality.
We move, measure, analyze and evaluate to achieve common success. Sustainably.
We create solutions for more safety, efficiency and ecology. By conviction.
We set new standards. Continually.
We are the team on your side. Worldwide.



Our house of values

The foundation of our house of values is made up of ETO-Team spirit, which holds the three core values of competence, passion and confidence together. They form the three permanent pillars of our company culture and support our customers – the ‘roof of the house’.
These values characterise our company and apply to ETO worldwide.


Customer orientation

· We are able to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes.
· We strive to work even more closely with our customers.
· We inform our customers in a transparent, timely and appropriate manner.
· All ETO staff are open, friendly and respectful towards our customers.
· We strive to excite our customers. Customer satisfaction is not enough for us.



· We support our staff according to their individual needs.
· We make decisions after careful consideration and don’t delay them unnecessarily.
· We pass on our own knowledge and are prepared to learn even more.
· We know our own limits and are willing to accept competent help.



· We get others excited about our mutual goals and think and act innovatively.
· We move things forward and never stop.
· We are creative and inspiring and put love into every detail.
· We’re proud to work at ETO and are not afraid to show it.



· We create space for tasks and decisions.
· We have confidence in our staff.
· We can rely on the competences and promises of others.
· We listen to constructive criticism and value it highly.


ETO-Team spirit

· We all pull together. One for all – all for one.
· We are open, friendly and respectful towards one another.
· For us, cross-departmental working means both taking on and delegating responsibility.
· If there are any errors, we look for solutions together, not for culprits.