ETO actuators and modules in valve lift adjustment and cylinder deactivation

When it comes to valve stroke and phase switching, significant reductions in consumption and emissions are obtained in modern petrol and diesel engines, whilst at the same time maintaining an advantageous system complexity. This includes using cylinder deactivation as an important downsizing measure, switching the combustion process or internal exhaust gas recirculation, to name just a few methods.

We supply electromagnetic actuators that are perfectly tailored to the customer application, are extremely robust and have been proven with millions of units.

Ten years of experience in development and series production makes us a passionate world market leader for valve stroke actuators.

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In cam phasing, the installed actuators intervene in spiral notches on the rotating camshaft, depending on the speed and engine load, and thus shift a cam sleeve into one of the end positions (large/small cam).

The actuator can either be designed with or without a sensor for diagnosing the switch position, and is available with one or two rams, depending on what the customer requires.