Grand Rapids, USA


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At the US site in the state of Michigan, innovative and customized electromagnetic products are developed and supplied to manufacturers of automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial applications.

In Grand Rapids, magnetic actuators such as solenoids, oil control valves or pneumatic control valves are produced. In addition, key components for increasing efficiency and reducing emissions of pollutants also leave the production line. ETO solenoids for camshaft phase adjusters, tank vent solenoid valves and gear lever shift locks make it possible to meet important safety standards and legal requirements. 

One of the most popular travel destinations in the USA

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in the US state of Michigan and is also known as “Furniture City” because it is home to the wood and furniture industry. In addition, the city on the Grand River has plenty of attractions and outdoor leisure activities to offer. Grand Rapids is known across the nation as a gourmet and beer city with over 40 craft beer breweries. 


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Company name

Founding year (joined ETO)
1977 (2005)

Number of employees 
101 - 500

Key focus areas
Production, sales

Products for
Automotive, commercial vehicles, industry

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