Every ETO GRUPPE company adheres to the laws and national legislation in force. Beyond this, we respect ethical standards, are guided by our values and take responsibility.

We also expect our business partners to adhere to the laws in force, the prevailing standards for social responsibility and our rules of conduct.

We achieve our business success through excellent services, as well as fair and honest behaviour in competition. In our global activities, we comply with the external regulations in force and adhere to foreign trade, tax and customs legislation as well as any applicable economic embargos.

We don’t tolerate any form of corruption and make sure that individuals’ interests don’t conflict with the interests of the company.

We secure and protect the confidentiality of sensitive information and data, and respect our business partners’ and competitors’ company secrets.

We take on corporate and social responsibility and see this as an important factor in our company’s sustainable success. Our action and strategy are based in particular on the UN’s basic principles set out in the UN Global Compact. Its principles include human rights, working standards, environmental protection and combating corruption. For ETO, they represent minimum requirements and principles that we have set ourselves and which we also expect and encourage our suppliers to adhere to.

Sustainability, occupational safety, health and environmental protection are central commandments in our corporate activity.


With immediate effect, our new whistleblower system can be used to report violations of criminal law and other offenses under administrative law, as well as further federal and state laws, ordinances and regulations, in confidence and anonymously.

In order to ensure the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers in accordance with the EU Directive EU-RL 2019/1937 – the so-called Whistleblower Directive – the ETO whistleblower system is organized via the law firm reichert & reichert in Singen. The local counsels working in confidence receive reports and subsequently review them. In doing so, they protect the whistleblowers’ identity and guarantee the highest level of confidentiality as guardians of professional secrecy.

This is how whistleblowing reports can be reported:

  • Reports can be submitted via the firm’s Internet-based whistleblower portal. The whistleblower portal can be accessed anonymously around the clock at
  • Alternatively, the firm’s toll-free reporting hotline is available around the clock at +49 7731 9587 777.

You can reach the office by mail or in person at the following address:

reichert & reichert
Max-Porzig-Straße 1
78224 Singen

All information on the whistleblower system can be found in our information on data protection for whistleblowers.