ETO solenoids and sensors for mobile hydraulics

In mobile hydraulics, the machines are exposed to particularly tough conditions: For example, moisture, heat, cold or soil conditions must not affect the functionality of the machines and thus of the ETO solenoids as well. These factors are already taken into account in our product development and production.

The process results in products such as linear solenoids in round NG4, NG6 and NG10 designs, which fulfil the highest protection classes and have a particularly high vibration resistance. This means we contribute significantly to the long service life of the machines and save high investment costs for our customers.

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The ETO solenoids for mobile hydraulics are offered as a modular system. The switching and proportional solenoids can be supplemented with rapid-switching voice-coil solenoids or space-saving double-acting solenoids.

Developing and manufacturing customised and proportional cartridge valves for electrohydraulic control means that we also transfer our solenoid competence to valve technology.