Inductive displacement sensors (LVDT)

Inductive displacement sensors (LVDT)


· Sensor for precise displacement measurement of hydraulic solenoids, integrated in pressure pipe or valves for stationary and mobile hydraulics



    · Size: Ø 36 mm (without connector structure)

    · Length for structure on NG6 solenoid: 89 mm

    · Length for structure on NG10 solenoid: 96 mm

    · M12 device connector

    · CE conformity EMV

    · Offset and gain adjustable


Technical data

Inductive displacement sensors (LVDT)
Supply voltage  24 V DC ± 20 %
Output signal  12 – 3 V
Measured displacement NG6  ± 1.2 mm to ± 3 mm
Measured displacement NG10  ± 3.4 mm to ± 4 mm
Pressure range  Max. 315 bar (dynamic compressive strength)
Tightness  IP65

The specifications listed above apply to standard models. Other versions possible upon request