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Electrical stoppers

Electrical stoppers

The ETO GRUPPE offers you a new family of electric stoppers (as well as matching accessories) for automation purposes. The stopper variant with dampers is the first ever series product with MAGNETOSHAPE® technology. MAGNETOSHAPE is an innovative, ferromagnetic material, in the production and application of which we are world leaders. 

Compared to pneumatic and electric stoppers of other manufacturers, our new electric stoppers offer unbeatable advantages:

· Less expensive than other electric stoppers, comparable system costs to pneumatic stoppers, but lower installation and maintenance costs 

· Up to 87 % operating cost savings and up to 77 % CO2 reduction* 

· Compatible with TS1 and TS2+ transfer systems 

· Identical installation space of stoppers with and without dampers, therefore easy exchangeability within the same pallet weight 

· Stoppers without dampers can be used at temperatures down to -40°C with dry air 

· Suitable for clean room assembly 

· Fast cycle times due to short switching times (30 ms instead of approx. 250 ms)  

· Significantly more quiet than pneumatic stoppers: reduction from approx. 78 db(A) to 65 db(A)  


Our stoppers

Article no. Pallet weight at conveyor speed of 6 m / min.
VEG4,8-TS1   up to 4,8 kg
VEG4,8-TS2+  up to 4,8 kg
VEU8-TS1  up to 8 kg
VEU8-TS2+  up to 8 kg
VEU30-TS2+  up to 8 kg
 LRS -
 LRK3 -
 LRK10 -

* Operation: 24 h / day; 280 days / year; Electricity price: EUR 0.23 / kWh; Cost / m3 air at 6 bar: EUR 0.03, Pallet weight: 3 kg; cycle time: 5 sec., motion conduction/ holding power other electric stoppers 48 W / 48 W, ETO stoppers 100 W / 9 W control per cycle: 2.5 sec.; leakage: 10 %, average maintenance costs at ETO site Stockach per year and m3 air: EUR 0.029