H2 Shut-off Valve

H2 Shut-off Valve


· Fuel cell

· Electrolyzer

· H2 ICE



· Pilot valve with low pressure drop

· Safe due to pressure-loaded closing

· Customized interface 

· Different connectors are available e.g. Deutsch, DIN, etc.  

· Suitable also for DI & PFI applications  


Technical data

H2 Shut-off Valve (SOV)
Nominal diameter   6 mm
Valve range 22 to 32 V
Peak current 0.65 A
Hold current 0.25 A
Inlet pressure up to 45 bar
Burst pressure 110 bar
H2 flow 35 kg/h @ Δp = 0.5 bar
Temperature range -40 to 125 °C 
Actuation PWM (Peak & Hold)
Protection class IP6K9K
Response time ca. 50 ms
H2 leakage 1E-4 mbar l/s

The above specifications apply to the standard versions. Other versions are available on request.