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The responsible handling of our environment and the sustainable use of its resources are just as central to our ETO DNA as the advancement and long-term development of our employees and the enhancement of their quality of life and that of all people.

As part of our corporate strategy, we are therefore committed to responsible corporate governance that is based on the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, governance, and social.

Through our actions, we support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.  

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Sustainability is practiced at ETO every day  

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The photovoltaic plant at the Stockach site produces approximately 1 million kWh of electricity per year and saves 1,272 tons of CO2 emissions. 


Sustainability is both a core competence and a vision

Sustainability and efficiency serve as essential guidelines concerning the functionality and performance of our products. As parts of drives, devices, or machines, ETO products ensure a reduction in energy or fuel consumption, leading to a decrease in CO2 emissions while enhancing performance at the same time. The use of raw materials and energy, as well as optimal recyclability, play a significant role in the development and manufacturing of our products. 

The ETO Sustainability Strategy outlines a defined course of action that is aligned with our vision of sustainably maintaining mobility for people and ensuring a livable planet by consistently enhancing safety, efficiency, and environmental compatibility through our products. All ETO sites have reached agreement on objective, measurable milestones to achieve this.  


ETO’s vision of sustainability   

We want to actively contribute to maintaining our planet as a livable, safe, and sustainable place. We do this for our employees and their families, as well as for future generations. To achieve this, we implement the highest environmental, energy, and occupational safety standards and commit ourselves to our social responsibility as a company.  


The ETO mission for sustainability 

We comply with all sustainability requirements, whether from our customers or from the legislator. We work safely – always and everywhere. We continuously reduce our emissions, taking into account our supply chains as well. We are improving our energy consumption through the introduction of state-of-the-art technology. 


Sustainability is part of our development concept 

Thanks to the measures implemented so far, ETO already outperforms the industry average in the sustainability rating of the automotive industry. However, this is no reason for us to relax, as our strategic goals are ambitious. The ETO GRUPPE aims to achieve climate neutrality at all its sites by 2039 and strives to completely avoid work-related accidents.

Our measures include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the supply chain, the environment and energy, establishing high occupational safety standards at all ETO sites, and improving employee health.

One very fundamental objective is to raise the standards at all ETO sites to the highest level, despite the varying national legislations in some cases. 

milestones THG Neutralität EN NEUBy 2030, energy consumption is to be reduced by 30 percent, and all ETO sites worldwide are to be certified according to ISO 45001, the international management system for occupational health and safety.

In addition, at all sites, a share of at least 90 percent of local suppliers and reusable packaging for all production material suppliers should be implemented. 

Over the past few years, ETO has been carrying out intensive research in the area of the magnetic shape memory effect, significantly developing the material further and constructing actuators based on this. Today, ETO’s new MAGNETOSHAPE® is ready for use in initial series applications. Thanks to its unique advantages, the technology has the potential to replace electromagnetic and other actuator technologies in future.

Find out more about the one-of-a-kind MAGNETOSHAPE® technology and meet us in person at the Actuator in Bremen from 25 to 27 June, 2018.

Actuators and sensors for medical applications will supplement our existing portfolio. These new ETO products meet the industry's rising ecological and economic requirements.

The good prospects of strengthening ETO's foothold in the market also enhance our successful partnerships with long-standing customers who have trusted in our competence in medical applications and our absolute dependability for more than 25 years.

ETO has developed a coil and coretube module called NGx modular system in order to meet the individual requirements of our customers more quickly in the future.

The number of new components to be developed is low thanks to the modular system, so the production capacity is able to be freed up more quickly for new products.

In addition to optimised product development, the manufacturing of the products is also state-of-the-art thanks to new production concepts.

“The Heart of Motion” describes the core of what we do and what we work for. That’s why it’s important to question the “heart” of motion and to take a fundamentally new approach to it. The anchor of an electromagnetic solenoid or the rotor of an electric motor are perhaps the most common, but not always the most ideal solutions for a job.

Magnetic fields lead to strains in magnetic shape memory alloys. This enables drives to be implemented where motion occurs on the interior of the material and tribological interfaces are avoided. We develop innovative drive concepts based on this effect under the name MAGNETOSHAPE®, from the material and actuator to the mechatronic system – always with the aim of creating the technologically best solution in line with our customers.



Magnetic shape memory technology explained briefly


Magnetic Shape Memory technology explained briefly

Magnetic shape memory alloys are ferromagnetic materials that generate force and motion under moderate magnetic fields. The typically single crystalline alloys made from nickel, manganese and gallium are able to generate 6% strain under external loads. And they do this with frequencies into the low kilohertz range.

The magnetic shape memory effect was discovered in the mid-1990s. Over the past few years, ETO has been carrying out intensive research in the area of the magnetic shape memory effect, significantly developing the material further and constructing actuators based on this. Today, ETO’s new MAGNETOSHAPE® is ready for use in initial series applications. Thanks to its unique advantages, the technology has the potential to replace electromagnetic and other actuator technologies in future.




Manufacture of single crystal MAGNETOSHAPE® material



· The raw materials are melted and alloyed inductively at around 1,400°C

· Large single crystals are drawn using a modified Bridgman process

· The crystals are heat-treated for chemical homogenisation and adjustment of the microstructure

· The crystal orientation is determined using X-ray diffraction

· The crystals are typically cut into cuboid elements

· The elements are configured for the application




Technical data of the MAGNETOSHAPE® material


Alloy NiMnGa
Field induced strain

6 % under up to 2 N/mm²

Blocking stress Up to 3.5 N/mm²
Switching field 0.6 T
Temperature limits -40 °C – 60 °C
High cycle fatigue 2x109 (material)
Typical element size 1 x 3 x 10 mm³ to 6 x 6 x 30 mm³
Magnetic permeability 2 (hard axis); 50 (easy axis)
Frequency DC to 1 kHz
Switching speed <1 ms (depending on actuator)
MAGNETOSHAPER Materials Technical Data update



The design principles of the MAGNETOSHAPE® actuators


MAGNETOSHAPE® spring actuator

· Return springs opposite the MAGNETOSHAPE® element

· Extremely short switching times (~ 1 ms)

· Bistable variant with permanent magnet possible

· Different magnetic circuits dependent on the functionality needed (force, displacement, frequency)

Spring Actuator Picture and Diagram

MAGNETOSHAPE® push-push actuator

· Two MAGNETOSHAPE® actuator units work antagonistically

· Energy-efficient multi-stability

· Intermediate positions are stable without power consumption

· Enables fast and precise position control (< 5 µm)

Push Push Actuator Picture and Diagram



Benefits of MAGNETOSHAPE® actuators


· Energy-efficient

· Offer a high work output at high frequencies

· Enable improved design of the actuator with low tribological wear

· Display extremely fast switching characteristics

· Allow for high service life applications

· Can be designed as bistable or multistable actuators as well as monostable actuators with fail-safe functionality

· Can be thermally activated simultaneously

· Offer self-sensing ability



Non-actuator applications


MAGNETOSHAPE® smart materials can also be used for non-actuator applications. This is enabled by the inverse magnetic and thermal shape memory alloy effect.

· Measurement of position, speed, force, pressure, etc.

· Energy harvesting for wireless energy supply

· Passive and active damping

· Use of specific alloys as high-temperature shape memory alloys (SMA)

· Thinned monocrystalline material (< 30 µm) for microsystem-based applications (actuator, sensor, harvesting)

· Thin-film materials are in development in academia






· Structural behavior and magnetic properties of a Ni–Mn–Ga single crystal across the martensite/austenite two-phase region

· MSM-Greifer mit stationärer Aktuierung



· Over 7% magnetic field-induced strain in a Ni-Mn-Ga five-layered martensite

· Magnetomechanical properties of a high-temperature Ni–Mn–Ga magnetic shape memory actuator material

· High-temperature magnetic shape memory actuation in a Ni–Mn–Ga single crystal

· FEM-Simulation of Magnetic Shape Memory Actuators

· Recent developments in magnetic shape memory actuation

· A modular energy efficient actuator based on magnetic shape memory alloys

· Magnetic Shape Memory Actuators for Fluidic Applications



· Structural modification and twinning stress reduction in a high-temperature Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloy

· Failure mechanisms and high-cycle fatigue of MSM actuators



· Progress in developing smart magnetic materials for advanced actuator solutions



· A Novel Concept for Strain Sensing Based on the Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy NiMnGa

· Effects of film thickness and composition on the structure and martensitic transition of epitaxial off-stoichiometric Ni–Mn–Ga magnetic shape memory films



· Production and characterization of large single crystals made of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys Ni–Mn–Ga



Useful links


· Konsortium smart³ im BMBF - Programm Zwanzig20

ETO in 30 seconds


The ETO GROUP companies impress with innovative actuators and sensors in the highest quality, and set standards for the latest vehicles and systems.
We create solutions for more safety, efficiency and ecology.

More than 100 million of our actuators, solenoid valves and sensors have been installed in commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles from all leading producers since 1980.
Our international representation and competitiveness as well as our high productivity help us to be market leaders in more and more new applications – for system suppliers and OEMs alike.
Completely in line with our vision: ETO: jointly innovative.

ETO in 30 seconds


At ETO, we want to ensure the sustainability of our planet. With innovation, strength, and passion, we develop and manufacture drive components, sensors, electronics, and software. These products regulate and control highly dynamic processes in the areas of mobility, vehicle technology, industrial plants, medical technology, and agricultural technology. Our 2,500 employees worldwide work for the success of our customers. For more safety, efficiency, and environmental compatibility.


Group activities


Even outside of working hours, we enhance the ETO Team spirit with group activities, for example taking a trip to a climbing park, going rafting or enjoying our BBQ party in summer.

You will immediately become part of the ETO family during the introductory week. As well as important training, you will be able to explore the company and get to know one another at various team-building events.

Sports enthusiasts are welcome to join our running team or show off their skills in our very own football team.

The team behind the training



From left to right: Michael von Briel - HR Training Coordinator, Robin Ritzi - Trainer for cutting machine operation and industrial mechanics, Carmen Scherzinger - Trainer for industrial merchants, Andreas Schulz - Trainer for mechatronics, Florian Scheppe - Trainer for cutting machine operation and industrial mechanics.

Not pictured: Christian Amann - Trainer for technical product design, Michael Nogger - Trainer for computer science system integration, Hendrik Metzger - Trainer for warehouse logistics.


Do you still have questions that need answering or queries about training?


Then get in touch with your contact partner:
Michael von Briel
Telephone: +49 7771 809-1209


The purchasing department of the ETO GRUPPE has dedicated itself to being a competent partner for all those involved in the value chain to deliver a significant and sustainable contribution to the company success of the ETO GRUPPE.

ETO’s global purchasing organisation is derived from this dedication.

Purchasing production materials is structured according to product groups and is carried out locally by the independently operating ETO sites. The job of the local purchasing organisation is to secure a constant flow of material with cost-efficient acquisition from authorised sources of supply that meet quality standards.

In doing so, central product group management guarantees a group-wide and national strategic alignment, which in particular includes the use of synergies at the individual ETO sites.

In the ETO development sites, the supplier is accompanied by a project purchaser, who supports the supplier as a central point of contact during the development phase through to series production. Here we integrate our target suppliers in the development at an early stage.

We see our target suppliers as strategic partners for joint and sustainable company success.


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