950 guests, a cake and a dwarf

Friday, 18 August 2023 11:18

The celebration of our 75th company anniversary at the Wrocław site in Poland was a great success. Together with our managing directors Dr. Michael Schwabe and Björn Schneekloth, the employees spent a wonderful night at ETO with their families and guests.

Around 950 visitors took up the invitation on 21.07.2023 and visited our Polish ETO site in Wrocław for the Open House and Family Day on our 75th company anniversary.

After a ceremonial address by Dr. Michael Schwabe, in which he referred to the company founders and the long company history, the celebration, planned as a picnic, began. For many of our Polish colleagues, the anniversary event was a great occasion to introduce their families to their workplace and ETO.

The festive atmosphere and culinary delights offered real highlights. Walking on sand, the guests experienced a real beach feeling. A food truck provided them with tasty treats and drinks. A true marvel of the bakery was the ETO birthday cake, made especially for the occasion with a 75-year emblem made of sugar.

The top notch production lines and the new high-bay warehouse visibly impressed the visitors during a tour of the plant. There was also a surprise guest: a bronze ETO gnome at the hall entrance to the main hall. Wrocław is known for its dwarf figures, which originally commemorated the "dwarf uprising" against the communist regime in 1982 and the "dwarf caps" worn by the demonstrators. There are now over 600 of them in the city area. Our ETO gnome is holding a product typical of the site's production.

Later in the evening, a quiz was held, with an electric scooter, a smartwatch, a tent, sports equipment and games as prizes for the employees. The party was musically accompanied by a DJ, who made our Polish colleagues swing with the greatest Polish and foreign hits. Overall a very successful and festive evening, which was also praised on the GoWork platform from our Polish colleagues.




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