Cawaena – the new app

Friday, 09 February 2024 10:01

We are proud to present the first ETO app, Cawaena (beta version), which is our new digital service for secure media content. With this new app, you can share assuredly authentic photo and video contents with others and even earn some money with that.   

And this is what makes Cawaena special compared to other photo and video platforms:

  • Authentic human-generated contents, images and films that can be geographically matched on request. In contrast to photos and videos whose origin and authorship are unclear.
  • Authors grant reuse rights autonomously and thus permanently protect their contents. Commercially and non-commercially.
  • Not only can photos and videos be liked but also rewarded with up to 50 cents per like with a cryptocurrency. This allows content creators across Europe to be rewarded for their contents in real time– and this without any advertisements to start with.

Does that sound exciting? Then why not immerse yourself in our new world of Cawaena! To download our innovative app from the Google Playstore, simply scan the following QR code with your cell phone and please use the promo code "Cawaena-Early-Bird-2024" when registering your new Cawaena account.

QR Code Cawaena

The name of the app, by the way, is derived from the Hawaiian word for "right in the middle". And from now on, Cawaena really will be right in the middle of it all - among us. Have fun with it!