ETO and Mainau GmbH expand their cooperation

Wednesday, 05 June 2024 12:01

The ETO GRUPPE and the popular tourist destination on Lake Constance - Mainau Island - have been cooperating since 2023. The flower island and ETO have set up two joint sustainability projects - the Mainau shuttle sponsored by ETO since 2023 and, more recently, effective monitoring and irrigation of stressed sequoia trees on the island.    

The Mainau Island is the international flagship of Lake Constance tourism. What many people don't know: Back in 1961, at the time of Lennart Count Bernadotte, the flower island formulated one of the very first German sustainability documents with the "Green Charter". This fundamentally sustainable orientation of Mainau has not changed to this day.

Mainau GmbH, which is now managed by the two older siblings, Countess Bettina Bernadotte and Count Björn Bernadotte, has consistently pursued this course ever since.

Over the last few years, the Mainau Island has continuously received awards for sustainable programs and projects. Examples of such sustainability initiatives include the construction of a sustainability trail and the e-bike solar charging stations installed in 2023.

The ETO GRUPPE is consistently expanding its long-standing focus on sustainability through its cooperation with Mainau Island. An official partnership was initiated back in 2023 and a first project was launched with the ETO GRUPPE's Mainau Shuttle. Since 2023, an electric shuttle sponsored by ETO has been running from the main entrance to the Schwedenschenke parking lot and back. This environmentally friendly transportation option offers visitors a convenient service to get from the island entrance to the castle courtyard and back more quickly.
Further joint projects involving technological solutions from the ETO GRUPPE on the island are already being planned with Mainau GmbH. For example, solutions for measuring soil moisture and watering trees have been discussed, and the integration of digital delineators from the ALFRIED project is also conceivable.