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ETO GRUPPE is the New Major Sponsor of HSG Konstanz

Tuesday, 20 July 2021 15:11

HSG Kosnstanz

HSG Konstanz (the handball division of the sports club TV Konstanz, translator's note) is thrilled: in difficult times they have managed to gain a new major sponsor, ETO GRUPPE, whose name shall be displayed prominently on the front of the division's new jersey. Not only shall the sponsor make a varied appearance in the gym and online, but they shall also provide player sponsorship for the new goalkeeper, Leon Grabenstein. At ETO GRUPPE with its more than 2,500 employees at ten subsidiaries around the world and headquarters in Stockach, people are equally overjoyed. Common values unite and shall lead to a long-standing and lively partnership.

Presenting the new jersey: Björn Schneekloth, ETO COO, Christian Guttke, Marketing and Sales HSG Konstanz, André Melchert, Managing Director HSG Konstanz, Dr. Michael Schwabe, ETO CEO (from left to right). | Picture: HSG Konstanz GmbH

Handball is a team sport which requires and combines team spirit, competency and passion - the exact values ETO GRUPPE advocates. ETO, which is deeply-rooted in the region, develops and manufactures electromagnetic actuation components, sensors, electronics and software for the regulation and control of highly dynamic processes in vehicles, machines, plants, medical technology equipment and in the area of food production. They are the heart of the machinery and improve safety, efficiency and environmental compatibility. Sustainable, of highest quality and featuring innovative technologies. "The overall concept of HSG Konstanz has convinced us. It is great that HSG is thus committed to the advancement of sports in the region with the goal to have an impact on society," states Dr. Michael Schwabe, CEO of ETO GRUPPE. "Like HSG we, too, take our responsibility towards people and the environment very seriously. We are convinced that together we'll make a positive contribution to the region."

With the help of such a strong partner as ETO, HSG will forcefully pursue its "Konstanz path" and enhance it by means of a young and talented federal league team, youth development which is at the same time broad and intense, and by tightly integrating the athletic, personal and academic development of their players. In this, according to André Melchert, (HSG managing director, translator's note), the club's partnership with ETO plays a prominent role with a signalling effect, since "we are very happy to have gained a partner of that distinction from the region. We're very well-matched, both of us want to develop and foster young talents." Being one of the most attractive employers in the region in terms of apprenticeship and generally, ETO continually builds up its team, provides secure jobs with challenging tasks, flextime and a performance-oriented compensation structure, and promotes the education of its employees. ETO has gained the seal "Germany's Best Apprenticeship Employers", ranking third in the categorie "Automotive Suppliers"of Germany's best apprenticeship employers in 2021, and has been awarded Germany's TOP 100 seal of small and medium-sized entreprises for the fourth time. All in all, there are more than 2,500 employees at ETO, 1,000 of which are working at the headquarters in Stockach.

"In the current situation, it es especially important to be able to rely on a strong partner," emphasises Melchert. "We are very glad that our work is being honored." The partnership shall enable HSG "to continue fostering top young talents and working with children and adolescents," emphasises Dr. Schwabe from ETO GRUPPE whose success story began in Oberuhldingen in 1948 with the development and manufacture of transformers. Later, a subsidiary plant in Eigeltingen was added. Due to constant growth and the lack of space in the heart of Oberuhldingen, the headquarters were relocated to Stockach in the district of Konstanz in 1992. "So we have been deeply rooted in the district of Bodenseekreis for a long time," says Dr. Schwabe. "Among our employees, there are many handball fans. We enthusiastically cheer along at HSG games." Most ETO employees are from the Stockach region. "Of course, we consider Konstanz to be part of that. We are very committed to the region, and we also pursue the goal of actively improving the common welfare in the region with our contributions." HSG is a strong partner for ETO in this regard.

HSG Konstanz Press officer @: Andreas Joas