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ETO is CHIP Digital Innovator 2023

Tuesday, 07 March 2023 14:55

Since the 1990s, the CHIP brand has developed from a computer magazine into one of the leading digital magazines and the largest consumer portal in Germany. With this expertise, CHIP has now determined Germany's most innovative companies together with Globis Management Consulting in terms of digitalization for the second time. The ETO GRUPPE is one of the companies honored in 2023 in the electronics category.    

More than 17,000 patents were registered worldwide between 2020 and 2021, including around 1,700 by German companies and institutes. CHIP now awarded the "Digital Innovator 2023" seal to the 322 most innovative German applicants of patents in "digital patent classes" (as CHIP calls them), including the ETO GRUPPE. Beyond the number of patents registered worldwide, the CHIP analysis was based on a detailed scoring model that also took into account results from extensive research and analysis.

Digitalization, especially software and the intelligent and tamper-proof networking and communication of products and systems, play an important role at the ETO GRUPPE and therefore affect a growing number of our patent applications. Nevertheless, ETO is not yet known in the professional market as an app and software developer. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to be recognized with the seal "Digital Innovator 2023" also as a communication and software specialist for the Web3. Together with the "Top 100 Innovator" seal, this new award from CHIP emphasizes our claim to be one of the most innovative companies in Germany.

In the period between 2019 and 2021, ETO MAGNETIC GmbH in Stockach alone was granted 37 national and 125 international patents!