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ETO Supports Industrial DC Systems

Thursday, 10 November 2022 15:43

As a founding member of the Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA) which was founded on November 3, 2022, ETO supports the construction of industrial direct current (DC) systems. 

Founding members of the ODCA | Picture: ZVEI 

A change from alternating to direct current technology for industrial systems brings a number of advantages and is also a significant contribution on a climate political level.

Up to ten percent of energy and approx. 50 percent of copper may be saved by DC technology in industrial plants. Linking the sectors buildings and mobility means gains in efficiency. Renewable energy may be used better, while at the same time the use of resources and the feed-in power are decreasing. Furthermore, DC systems are considered to be considerably stabler than AC systems.

Hence, ODCA (founded beginning of November) advocates the worldwide construction of a "DC eco-system". ETO GRUPPE, too, is one of the founding members and shall further the pertinent technologies which are another contribution to sustainability.

For more detailed information on ODCA, please click here.