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ETO Supports Industrial DC Systems

As a founding member of the Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA) which was founded on November 3, 2022, ETO supports the construction of industrial direct current (DC) systems. 

Founding members of the ODCA | Picture: ZVEI 

Ceremonial signing of contract for second site in China

The ETO GRUPPE plans to open a second plant in China at the end of 2023. The first Chinese ETO site in Kunshan near Shanghai has grown rapidly since its establishment in 2005 and is now reaching capacity limits again, despite its relocation only taking place in 2019. The new production site will be located in LuAn in Anhui Province, a city of one million people about six hours' drive west of Kunshan. 

More Security in the Internet of Things – Thanks to ETO

Anyone who is active on social media or shops on the Internet is familiar with the tiresome logins that are required for this. E-commerce providers, search engines and social media store the personal data used to log in on so-called identity servers. Individual users hand over control of this data to companies that are often based in countries outside the EU. This means that when it comes to data protection, it is usually not the GDPR that applies, but much more lax regulations.   

ETO taps into the sun: One million kilowatt hours for Stockach

Sustainability is very important for the ETO GRUPPE. Most of the more than 2,500 modules of our new photovoltaic system are already installed on the roofs of the production, technical center and administration buildings in Stockach. The installation work is expected to be completed by the end of September 2022. With an output of 1,014 kWp, around one million kilowatt hours of electricity will be generated per year in the future.  

The new “muc022” acts even more autonomously thanks to ETO

The TUfast Team is made up of students from the Technical University of Munich who have been developing autonomously driving, highly efficient electric vehicles since 2015. The ETO GRUPPE was already one of the cooperation partners of the team in its ambitious “muc019+“ project. We support the students not only financially, but also with technical components and expertise from our plant in Nuremberg for the further development of “muc022”.