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ETO taps into the sun: One million kilowatt hours for Stockach

Sustainability is very important for the ETO GRUPPE. Most of the more than 2,500 modules of our new photovoltaic system are already installed on the roofs of the production, technical center and administration buildings in Stockach. The installation work is expected to be completed by the end of September 2022. With an output of 1,014 kWp, around one million kilowatt hours of electricity will be generated per year in the future.  

The new “muc022” acts even more autonomously thanks to ETO

The TUfast Team is made up of students from the Technical University of Munich who have been developing autonomously driving, highly efficient electric vehicles since 2015. The ETO GRUPPE was already one of the cooperation partners of the team in its ambitious “muc019+“ project. We support the students not only financially, but also with technical components and expertise from our plant in Nuremberg for the further development of “muc022”.  

Technical Lecture at the Digital Farming Conference in Berlin: Your Fields. Your Rules. Your Data.

On May 17, 2022, the Digital Farming Conference took place in Berlin with the motto "Ploughing Away for Digital Progress". Also taking part in the conference were Benjamin Bönisch and Dr. Tobias Plötzing of ETO GRUPPE TECHNOLOGIES GmbH. Their technical lecture showed how for instance the new technologies by farmunited GmbH, a subsidiary of ETO GRUPPE TECHNOLOGIES GmbH, help to collect data in agriculture, to use them for sustainable and efficient cultivation and to share or sell them profitably with the help of Distributed Ledger Technology. 

For sustainable and efficient logistics: ETO GRUPPE invests in Swarm Logistics, the specialist for smart transport solutions

ETO GRUPPE, located in Stockach, Germany, is investing in the Swarm Logistics GmbH. The start-up from Stuttgart, Germany, has specialized in software development of fleet control systems for manned and unmanned transport systems. Together they intend to contribute significantly to the logistics of the future.

Another milestone on the way to the digital future: ETO GRUPPE invests in Filancore GmbH

The Stockach-based ETO GRUPPE invests in the start-up company Filancore GmbH. Its innovative and secure solution for digital authentication within the Internet of Things enables the ETO GRUPPE to take another step closer to its vision:
To digitally network dynamic applications and process flows to make them even more secure, efficient and smooth through highly intelligent data management.